Sustainability and Environmental Statements

Your sustainability and environmental statement should state the key aim and objectives for some or all aspects of a responsible and sustainable event. It should be concise, yet strong enough to deliver your message, for example:

‘At xxxx event, we understand our responsibility to protecting and preserving the xxxx area and the wider environment. Our aim is to deliver an enjoyable event without impacting the environment or community in this beautiful and natural area, through:

  • Recycling xx% of our waste throughout the event by providing recycling facilities at the start/finish area and along the route
  • Discouraging disposable water carriers by providing each participant with fill points along the length of the route
  • Reducing the number of private vehicles by xx% down from last year’s event through our central park and ride service and car share forum
  • Demarcating sensitive areas along the length of the route to preserve vulnerable areas
  • Providing recycled and decomposable literature in participants goody bags
  • Encouraging participants to use local businesses and shops during their stay in the area
  • Contributing xx participant and organiser man hours towards maintenance of upland paths

Please help us meet the aims of our sustainability and environmental statement and leave a better environment for future generations.’

All those involved in the event should be made aware of the statement as their participation is key to ensuring that the key objectives or targets are met. Make sure you are able to measure and publicise the success of your event in relation to the aims and objectives of your sustainability and environmental statement.

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