Consultation and Agreement

Early face-to-face contact with those that own and manage the land (land managers) you wish to use for your event will help to clarify all the practicalities of carrying out your event on their land, as there may be additional factors to consider when planning your event and actions that may need to be carried out on the day. At its simplest level, consultation with land managers will involve letting them know:

  • That you wish to use their land for an event
  • When the event will take place and the start/finish times
  • The proposed route
  • The proposed number of participants and likely spectators involved
  • All types of activities that are likely to take place on the land
  • How you have considered the impacts of the event on the land that you wish to use and how you propose to reduce them

A land manager may request a route walk over to go through issues of waymarking, access and damage. This will allow both parties to agree on the quality of the route prior to the event, so that any damage or impacts caused during the event can be highlighted.

Gaining permission will result in the creation of an agreement between you and the land manager. This should include:

  1. Details of whom the agreement is between – organiser and land manager’s details
  2. Details of the event – date, time, route information, organiser information and contact details
  3. Conditions of the agreement – facilities usage, time constraints, participant numbers, use of gates and stiles
  4. Agreed restorative works (where necessary) – repairs to damaged trails, litter collection, waymark removal
  5. Signatures and dates – One from each party and a witness

Gaining permission will ensure you understand your responsibilities for any actions to be taken before, during and after the event.  Be aware that changes to your event may be required and that permission may be granted with or without conditions. Likewise, you should inform the land manager if any major changes occur to the event that may affect the agreement. The land manager may have a policy for events being held on their land and may also wish to charge a fee for using the land.

For event held within The Mournes, Ring of Gullion or Strangford Lough and Lecale, completing an Event Form will assist you in contacting and providing information to those involved with land management within the area you wish to hold your event. The form may be your first step in this consultation process. There will also be a requirement for you to contact local Councils or individual land owners or managers separately in order to obtain the appropriate licenses or permissions for your event. The notified land management body for each area should be able to assist in contacting other relevant persons or organisations.

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